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    The difference between negative and positive canthal tilt is pretty much obvious and can easily be noticed by the eye, but the confusion is on how it can affect your face neutral look and how other people can see you, this post should make identify your canthal tilt and others. Check the picture below. :FeelsOkeyMan:

    On the picture above you can notice a bunch of face characteristics that can be affecting your face emotions dramatically, and one of the major factors is the eye canthal tilt,  the person on the right has a severe negative canthal tilt which gives him trustworthy and beta features that are not ideal for a male.

    The person on the left has a positive eye canthal tilt which gives him a dominant and untrustworthy look, but as the legend says too much of anything is likely bad, and it’s all about face harmony.

     Positive canthal tilt 

    The picture below is the perfect example of a positive canthal tilt as it demonstrates how it has a significant effect on our looks especially if we are not showing any face emotions, the canthal tilt doesn’t only affect the eyes but also eyebrows, and guess what eyebrows are the first factors of showing sentiments. :RedPill:

    The guy above is not even trying to look dominant or focused, but his eyes and eyebrows are doing the job showing that.

     Negative Canthal Tilt 

    No offense to the person above you can see how severe his negative canthal tilt is and how it affects his face; it made him look sad even when smiling.

    If you hide his lower mid face with your hand and look at his eyes you can’t tell that he is showing happy emotions, it’s almost the opposite of it.

    Sadly to change your canthal tilt back to positive if you have a severe one is really risky and hard to do, as it’s a complicated surgery and can have worst outcomes, but it’s the only solution for negative canthal tilts. :BlackPill: :FeelsBadMan:


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    I had to log int reply to tell you the examples aren’t really fair because they are not in the same circumstances. The Ex Football player solider has a picture taken at eye level. The negative example you showed  is obviously taking a picture from down below….. Which would make anyone eyes look negative even the soldier.

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    You are completely deluded if you think whats differ those negative and positive ones is the photo angle.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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